Launching Special color 「311 UME」

Light red 「Plum blossom pink」shows pure and cute.
Use it willingly no matter where and when.

Plum Blossom’s words x KAKEHIKI
Plum Blossom’s words are 「Noblity」「Loyalty」「Tenacity」
Light red plum blossom’s word is 「Purity」
The suitable word exactly shows Japanese women’s beauty
「311 UME」 is exactly produced based on the image of plum blossom.
The one who put on light red color can give people pure and gentle, noble and loayl.

The special color can use to highlight the transparence of facial part and emphasize lip’s orginal color. it leads you to a noble, loyal and pure character.

It’s only appear to color but contains 26 kinds of beauty ingredent which why can make your lip plumper and mosituring as well.

New year color 「311UME」with finitude quantity.
Don’t miss it.

Plum blossom pink
One lip can make your lip moisturizing, shiny and plumper.
311 UME (Special 1 color)
4000JPY (without tax)