KA・KE・HI・KI new debut-Abema TV

Our best seller product「KA・KE・HI・KI」 new debut on the famous channel of Abema TV- BATTLE CLUB.
Introduced by the hostess Misaki Kirara who are popular in Ikebukuro area!

Channel show as below:

Bring with the “competiter items” to see which one can be sold more… built a Shopping Coliseum with determination and pride to compete black VS white in a fierce battle! “I will not loss…” Selling products in a presentation battle filled with souls! Viewers who watch the channel can purchase products during the live show! This competition is judged whether you sold more in one week! Which one is the strongest? Start an unprecedented battle

The Climax part is…

“野の花-No no HANA moves, KABUKICHO moves”
It has been No. 1 for 75 consecutive months,野の花-No no HANA
“Ikebukuro’s walking doll”
Misaki Kirara, the legendary hostess of Ikebukuro!

Let’s find out what kind of products are they going to present and what kind of battle is going to settle up…! ?
Kabukicho VS Ikebukuro! “Cabaret sells war” is now opening! !

Channel can be Re-watched in a limited time, please watch it.

Hostess: Misaki Kirara (Twitter account)